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I am the first. I am the last.

I have to ask myself were the last two years of my life worth it? was I forgotten? and now that i’m back will I be remembered? these are all questions I have to ask myself. was it worth it? 

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Marius Meyer

Anonymous asked: i miss you nathie

Nathie….. Only two people have ever called me that…. Who is it? Send another message and I won’t publish? :o

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Anonymous asked: how's everything holding up?

Well anon I don’t know I’m rather sick at the moment and however much better I’ve gotten it still seems woke I’m dying so not very well… But thanks for asking

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so happy to be alive :3

So a few weeks ago I started getting pains in my lower abdomen  and at first I thought it was cause my muscles were tender through all the coughing unfortunately though my liver had all but failed me it was kapoot and I was literally going to die the pain was that bad killing myself would probably have been a releif but I couldn’t just give up on life not really so I was going to have an operation…. Now the operation  scared me the most i could die during an oporation and about a week ago i was sleeping away in my ward and the doctor woke me up for my check up and aparently my liver had begun regenerating itself again and was working I’m pretty baffled and so is the doctor  but I’m glad I’m alive without the operation hate scars :’)

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due to having followed too many people and over 70% of them unfollowing me i’m unfollowing everyone however i will follow back everyone following me but it may take a wee while

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